Welcome to WETIT Automatic Teat Sprayers

WETIT Automatic Teat Sprayers provide effective teat spraying for udder health and teat conditioning and are now available in North America through EID USA Inc. in Modesto California.

WETIT specializes in the design and manufacture of automatic teat sprayers and accessories – it’s all we do so we have to do it right.  We have spent years designing and refining our products for maximum reliability and minimal servicing requirements.

Mastitis is a serious issue!  Put simply, it is the disease that has the greatest negative effect on the Producer’s bottom line. Cows with mastitis produce less milk, take longer to get pregnant, lose more body condition and are more likely to be culled early reducing the cow’s profitability.

Our objective is to automatically spray every cow accurately to completely cover the surface of each teat.

Good, reliable labor is becoming harder to find and costlier.  EID’s WETIT Teat Dipping Systems turn up for every milking, on time, 7 days a week and there are no sick or vacation days.

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Whether for a rotary, a linear or herringbone parlor, please contact the following for more information regarding WETIT Automatic Teat Sprayers for your milking parlor.

Marty Forster @ 760-548-2278     marty.forster@eidnz.co.nz