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Frequently Asked Questions

Can WETIT upgrade other automatic teat sprayers to work like a WETIT unit?

Unfortunately, we cannot.  Each component of the WETIT system is custom engineered, made and sourced to ensure that the WETIT Automatic Teat Spray System is of the highest quality and as effective as possible sensing cow flow and applying teat dip.

Can a manual gun be connected to a WETIT Auto Spray System?

Yes. Install a ‘T’ connecting the manual gun(s) into the Pressurized Hose.

Can the WETIT Inline Teat Dip Sprayer be used to Post Dip?

Of course, providing the post dip will spray through the system.  Some very high emollient post dips may not work in the WETIT QD0 Sprayer System.

In Post Dip applications the sprayer(s) should be located to not hinder/slow cows exiting the milking parlor.  In most larger parlors ‘dual’ QD0s are recommended.  A fast turning high capacity rotary parlor may be exiting a cow every 3 to 5 seconds and those cows need to move away from the rotating cow platform quickly.  It is important to NOT restrict/obstruct cow flow exiting the milking parlor!

What is the ROI of a WETIT Automatic Teat Sprayer System?      

What would your annual labor savings be if you reduced the number of operators in your milking parlor by one?  Would that be $40 – $50 or $60,000 or more annually?

ROI, return on investment, maybe as little as 6 months depending on your situation.

AND, the WETIT QD0 In-Line Teat Dip Sprayer turns up on time, every day for every milking and does the same consistent job of spraying teats, cow after cow after cow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  No vacations, no sick days and fewer injuries.

The QD0 In-line Teat Dip Sprayer may not reduce labor in smaller parlors but it will allow operators more time to do a better job of udder prep and speed up milking.  In larger parlors it allows operators to do a better job of prepping that should result in faster milking thus reducing the total milking time of each group of cows.

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